Shelley Beyer

After moving to St. Helen's, I went to work excited and ready for a rewarding experience in the veterinary industry.  I worked long hours and devoted every ounce of energy in helping the business grow.  I was committed to learning everything I could about running a veterinary hospital.  Although I found the job very rewarding, I was exhausted; mentally, physically and emotionally.  At this moment I started to brainstorm about the perfect job. Little did I know how quickly the idea would come.  I asked myself what I loved about working at the veterinary hospital.  The animals!  That's what I loved.  Why not create a business where I could spend every day playing with animals?  This is how the idea of starting a pet sitting company flourished. 

After several months of planning and anticipation, I started Happy Tails Transport.  Almost immediately, I found the excitement and fulfillment I was seeking in a career. The wagging tails and looks of content on the faces of my new “clients” were proof enough that this was the right profession for me.

After years of success, I am proud of growing this extraordinary business. My job is both rewarding and challenging. After all, it is my dream job.

We take pride in making your pets feel loved while you are away from home.

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