Meet our Team

Hallie Schwirse

Hi, my name is Hallie!

I currently reside in St. Helens, OR and am attending Portland Community College part-time. I plan on getting a degree in social work someday! My love for animals is just as passionate as my love for people. I’ve been raised around animals my whole life, including cats, many breeds of dogs, small animals like rabbits, and I have been riding horses since I was 4 years old. I think riding horses is a great stress reliever, and barrel racing is one of my favorite sports! My dog rocket is my whole world! He is a border collie mix, and we have such a special bond! We love to spend time at the park and go on walks in our free time. I can’t wait to build a strong bond with your babies as well. I look forward to meeting you and making a connection! See you around.

Britney Wilson

It is a delight to work with your pets! As someone who spends most of her time working indoors on various creative projects, as well as writing or reading? Working at Happy Tails has changed my life, opening my eyes to so many new experiences! It engages both the body and the mind, just like my journey to my black belt, and brings a kind of peace I then get to share with your pets. It's a beautiful cycle that makes me want to sing- (so often I do) 

Madison Brandt

Hi, I'm Madison Brandt.  I recently graduated high school and am planning on going to PCC in the fall to pursue a degree in marine biology.  I've always had a passion for animals.  I had volunteered at the Columbia Humane Society for about a year and a half and grew up around animals my entire life.  We've had dogs, cats, chickens, pheasants, and quail.  I'm so excited to get to meet your fur babies.

Sonjia Ives

Hello, my name is Sonjia!

I am a native Oregonian and have lived in Scappoose for the last five years. I love the convenience of living close to the city but yet it still has that small hometown feel. I live a very active lifestyle and enjoy being outside in nature as much as possible. I enjoy hiking and beach trips with my friends and family. I am very passionate about health, nutrition, and fitness. I love spending time snuggled up on the couch with my cat, Tiger.  He is the sweetest and has a way of calming me and helps me relax after a busy day.. animal snuggle therapy is the best! I am so excited about establishing a bond with your fur baby/babies and you as well! I look forward to meeting you! 

McKenzie Roane

Hi, my name is McKenzie!

I currently reside in Scappoose.  I enjoy spending time with my animals and family in my free time.  I was born here in Oregon and have lived in the area for about 6 years.  I currently have one dog and two cats.  I enjoy being around all sorts of animals.  I have also had birds and guinea pigs.  I enjoy riding horses and being around farm animals, as well.  I hope to someday have enough property to rescue all sorts of creatures.  I look forward to caring for your animals as if they are my own.  Hope to see you soon.