• Shelley Beyer

Farm Animals: Do They Make Good Pets, Too?

Are you bored with dogs and cats? Maybe it’s time to consider something off the beaten path. If you’re considering farm animals such as poultry or goats as a new pet for your household, you should take a good long look at your situation first.


Depending on the animal you’re considering, you need to make sure you have all the space an animal requires. Larger animals require more land, and the right type of fencing to keep them safe and secure. Many farm animals do better in groups too, so remember, you may have to commit to more than one! Having a flock of farm animals requires more space and resources to keep them happy and healthy.

Knowledge and Experience

What do you know about the animal you’re thinking about bringing into your life? Before you add any animal into your family, you need to be able to understand a pet’s physical, behavioral, and dietary needs. If you’ve cared for one before, you’ve got a great head start. You should also be able to identify signs of injury and disease, handle the animal safely, and carry out all day to day tasks. Luckily, a lack of knowledge is a lot easier to fix than a lack of space! You can seek out advice from experienced owners or join appropriate clubs to gain information!

Veterinary Care

Farm animal pets require veterinary care, just like your usual pets do. The larger animals, like cows and horses, can cost quite a bit extra to care for and give vaccines. Large animal vets may be harder to come by, depending on where you live, so make sure you know where you can get appropriate medical care.

Legal Concerns

Be sure that your area lets you have farm animals. If you live within city limits, there may be a limit for how many or what kind of animals you can keep. Make sure you do some research first! You don’t want your new pet to violate any of your local laws.

Farm animal pets can bring a lot of joy into your life, as well as some potential income, such as fiber bearing animals like bunnies and alpacas or milk from goats. However, owning farm animals as pets isn't for everyone, so before you commit to a farm animal, make sure you and your household are up to the task!


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